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Coimisiún na Meán Sound & Vision 4 Round 54 Special Round.

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RTÉ Comedy

Have two new calls for ideas, for more information, please click here

New eCommissioning System

The new eCommissioning system is now available, to register click Registration on the left hand side

RTÉ / Arte Co-production Fund

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Audience Insights

Audience Data Services is a unit of the Audience Research Department which was set up to provide a range of analyses of programmes and programming for RTÉ’s external clients, including programme makers commissioned by RTÉ.  Production companies requiring a more detailed analysis of their programme’s performance (over and above the basic rating information provided by Independent Productions) can contact the Audience Research Department and discuss their needs.  In the light of the client’s requirements, a formal costed proposal is faxed to the client to address his/her stated needs.  Information is provided either by way of a formal report or more informally as appropriate.  Costs relate to the extent of the research involved to furnish the information required.  For more information you can contact

Press / Publicity / Marketing / Promo / Social Requirements

Updated Document to follow

eCommissioning Registration

Producers and media professionals can now register at any time, click here for the registration link.

If you have any queries please contact –  Michelle Kenny on 2082743 or Laura Finnegan on 2083429

2017 Annual Report

The 2017 RTÉ Annual Report is now available here.


RTÉ will use End Credit Squeeze backs/Secondary Events. This is the process where programme end credits are temporarily repositioned on air creating valuable space to promote upcoming programmes and services. This process is proven to prevent channel switching and is a useful service to the viewer.

For RTÉ to use End Credit Squeeze backs/Secondary Events effectively, programme end credits must be delivered in a standardised format so that they remain readable when manipulated.

Attached you will find the Guidelines and reference material together with an example of what the finished product will look like on air.