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Interactive Services on RTÉ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Premium Rate Service? 
Premium rate services are provided by companies on premium rate telephone numbers. These services can be recognised by their unique range of prefixes e.g. 1513, 1515, 1516, 1517 etc. There are also premium rate SMS services (known as PSMS) which can be recognised by a 5-digit short code beginning with the number 5 e.g. 53XXX, 57XXX etc.

  • Calls and texts to premium rate services cost more than ordinary telephone calls or text messages and each prefix/short code carries a specific cost.
  • Calling a premium rate telephone number will cost more, with the surcharge varying according to the mobile network operator.
  • Premium rate call charges are billed to consumers’ telephone accounts and are usually listed separately.

Premium rate SMS services should not be confused with short codes beginning with the digits ’51’ which are generally charged at standard message rate and not premium rate. It should also be noted that telephone numbers with the prefix 1850 are lo-call numbers (charged at the local rate and not premium rate). Please see the cost table below for more information.

Do RTÉ run Premium Rate Services? 
RTÉ run a number of premium rate services across their radio, television and publishing divisions.

However it should be recognised that not all premium rate services advertised on RTÉ are RTÉ services. Premium rate service providers may purchase commercial space to advertise premium rate services provided that their advertisements meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

How much do these services cost? 
Premium rate services range in cost. The price of the service is dictated by the prefix or 5-digit short code associated with the service. The regulations that govern premium rate services require that service costs are clearly communicated when promoting a premium rate service.

RTÉ most commonly uses the following standard rate, lo-call rate and premium rate prefixes and short codes:

Republic of Ireland
Telephone Prefix  5 Digital Short Code Tariff
50308 Freetext 0 cent per message sent
1850 0.68 cent per minute (incl VAT)
53555 25 cent (incl VAT) per message
53101 50 cent (incl VAT) message sent
1513 61 cent (incl VAT) per call from the eir network
53125 60 cent (incl VAT) per message sent
1515 €1.02 (incl VAT) per call from the eir network
57111 €1 (incl VAT) per message sent
57117/57001 €2.00 (incl VAT) per message sent
1517 €2.03 (incl VAT) per call from the eir network
51551 standard message rate*
51552 standard message rate*
51553 standard message rate*
51554 standard message rate*

Will I be charged for calls that I make even if the line is closed?

RTÉ is a non-profit organisation and any revenue generated from premium rate call and texts is re-invested to provide a quality service to its audiences.Revenue from premium rate calls and texts is divided between a number of parties. The cost of the service being promoted is inclusive of VAT which is currently 23%. The premium rate regulator is funded by a levy on call and text revenue, also included in the cost of the call/text. The remainder is divided between the network operator, service provider and others who contribute to the provision of the service.

What happens to the money made from premium rate calls and texts?

*Standard message rate depends on the user’s mobile operator and particular price plan to which they are signed up to. For information on the standard message rate that applies, contact your mobile operator.

****Consumers who text to 80889 are charged 50p per message received. Where a return message is not received (e.g. Northern Ireland access to RTÉ radio comment lines) messages are charged at standard message rate.

Please note: Calls from mobile phones to premium rate telephone numbers normally cost more and calls from fixed line operators, other than eir, may vary. This is because mobile operators and some fixed line operators add an additional charge, which varies with each network operator. This is beyond the control of RTÉ.

Due to the nature of the premium rate systems used for both telephone and text interactions, calls and texts made before the advertised close time or after the advertised close times will be charged. RTÉ takes every step possible to inform viewers and listeners of when lines open and close to ensure that such calls will not be made.

Will my information be passed on to any third parties?

No, RTÉ and its preferred service providers are bound by data protection laws, which do not allow for any of the information we receive through our services to be passed on to any third parties without your consent.

Please note however in the case of RTÉ competitions, for the purposes of administration of any competition prize, it is a contractual necessity that RTÉ shares the winning entrant(s) personal data with competition promotional partners. See Competition Terms and Conditions for further information.

See RTÉ’s Privacy Policy here.

I am receiving unsolicited text messages. Is this as a result of using an RTÉ premium rate service?

RTÉ does NOT operate subscription services. Nor does RTÉ retain participant data from any of its competitions or other interactive services for future communication. In general, when participating with an RTÉ interactive service, individuals will receive just one text in reply to their message, which is an acknowledgement of their comment, competition entry or vote. There is no charge for this acknowledgement.

RTÉ and its preferred service providers are bound by data protection laws, which do not allow for any information we receive through our services, to be passed on to third parties without your consent.

RTÉ and its preferred service providers are bound by the Data Protection Act, which does not allow for any information we receive through our services, to be passed on to third parties.

To find out how you have been signed up to a third party subscription service or marketing database you should contact your mobile operator or the industry regulator, Comreg.

To find out how you have been signed up to a third party subscription service or marketing database you should contact your mobile operator or the industry regulator Comreg.

Lo-call 1890 229 668 or log on to

Under the current Code of Practice, individuals may unsubscribe from services by replying to the unwanted text message with the word STOP.

Who do I contact if I wish to make a complaint? 
Complaints regarding RTÉ’s interactive or premium rate services can be directed to:

RTÉ Programme Interaction & Competitions,
RTÉ Commercial
Ground Floor, Stage 7
Dublin 4.


To make a complaint about a third-party premium rate service you should contact the industry Regulator, Comreg. Comreg can be contacted on lo-call 1890 229 668 or log on to

How do I exercise my rights in respect of my personal data? 

Where you have provided RTÉ with your personal data you have a right to be given a copy of your personal data subject to certain exceptions. To exercise your rights in respect of your personal data please see RTÉ’s Data Subject Rights Guide.

Who are RTÉ’s preferred service providers?
RTÉ use the following service providers:

  • EngageHub Tel: 0818 444 697
  • Phonovation Tel: 0818 217 100