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RTÉ eCommissioning


RTÉ has updated its commissioning process by introducing an electronic system by which independent producers can submit programme proposals and ideas. In order to submit programme proposals or ideas to RTÉ eCommissioning, you will need to register first with RTÉ.

Some of the benefits that flow from eCommissioning are as follows:

  1. RTÉ’s ability to handle significant volumes of programme proposals and ideas in a more effective and efficient manner
  2. Independent Producers receiving faster responses from RTÉ to their programme proposals and ideas
  3. Independent Producers will be able to track online the progress of their individual programme proposals and ideas within the commissioning process
  4. Security is a feature of the system and all Independent Producers’ ideas will remain confidential to the person submitting the programme proposal or idea and the relevant RTÉ commissioning team

Independent Producers should be assured that eCommissioning is designed to improve and support the television commissioning process in RTÉ and is not intended to replace the creative conversations between Independent Producers and the relevant RTÉ commissioning teams.

Note: All proposals must now be submitted electronically to RTÉ through eCommissioning in respect of all programme genres.



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