Can I Get Access to Any Information I Seek?

As the national broadcaster, RTÉ is committed to being as open and transparent as possible. Statutory Instrument 115/2000 (the “SI 115 of 2000“) specifies the areas of RTÉ which are subject to the legislation and which areas are not. This Statutory Instrument is designed to protect the programme making functions of RTE.

Specifically exempt are records about the gathering and recording of news, data, opinions and quotes for journalistic or programme content; records which would reveal the identity of any source of information (including programme proposals); records which are created during the editing of a programme; records which discuss editorial decisions about a programme and records relating to any post transmission analysis or review of a programme.

The High Court ruled in the case of RTÉ V Information Commissioner that the areas where RTÉ is subject to the scope of the Freedom of Information Act should be construed narrowly and the areas of exemption should be viewed broadly. For example, if a record relates to a management issue but it also encompasses editorial matters then the record is exempt according to the Court.

There are also specific exemptions in the Act (such as for personal or commercially sensitive information) which allow for bodies to redact or refuse to release records. If this arises you will be advised and the reasons explained clearly.