RTÉ has radically restructured itself to deliver on its five-year strategy.

This organisational renewal is intended to achieve:

• A more distinctive, powerful and cohesive brand – enhancing perceptions of breadth and quality within a highly competitive landscape
• A more responsive portfolio of content offerings – reacting to evolving audience needs, fostered by an ‘audience first’ mindset
• A more collaborative approach to content creation – both in teams working together across services and external partnerships, particularly with the independent sector
• A digital organisation – innovating in adopting digital first while bolstering quality, output and engagement with linear services
• A more agile and multi-skilled workforce – with the capability to seamlessly deliver to both digital and
linear services and to work more effectively as one organisation
• A more efficient organisation – with better workflows, using existing resources more effectively and
creatively, avoiding duplication of efforts and delivering operating cost savings

RTÉ fully transitioned to a new structure in 2018.

RTÉ is realising the new ‘One RTÉ’ structure through the following actions:

• The Audience, Channels and Marketing division combines television, radio and online channels, as well as marketing and audience insights to bring audiences to the heart of RTÉ’s decision making.
• The Content division allows RTÉ to deliver the most compelling programming across television, radio and digital channels – creating bigger impacts and allowing RTÉ to address bigger themes and topics in more engaging ways.
• An integrated Operations division streamlines production processes, allowing RTÉ to do new things and meet new audience needs.
• News and Current Affairs resources are reallocated and structures changed to deliver a digital-first news service alongside broadcast news and current affairs output.
• Overall workforce numbers have been reduced through a voluntary redundancy scheme and some new skills will be added to RTÉ’s existing pool of experience and talent.
• RTÉ is creating a more collaborative working environment and some teams are being re-located across the Donnybrook campus.
• RTÉ is transforming the way it works with others and build new partnerships that offer real public value and impact.
• Significant investments are being made in new technology, digital production and distribution infrastructure.
• The restructuring and related investments are being funded from the proceeds of RTÉ’s sale of land assets in Donnybrook.