DTT Multiplexing Services

Pursuant to ComReg Decision D11/13 which was published on the 26th July 2013, RTÉ was designated with Significant Market Power (SMP) in the market for Wholesale Access to Digital Terrestrial Television Multiplexing Services.

This is referred to and defined as Market B in Decision D11/13.

Pursuant to the Decision Instrument – Market B which is included in Decision D11/13, a range of obligations has been imposed on RTÉ.

One such obligation is to publish a Reference Offer in respect of DTT Multiplexing Services to another Broadcaster (referred to as Client) in accordance with the requirements of  that Decision Instrument.

This reference document sets out RTÉ’s Saorview Wholesale Access Reference Offer.

See also RTÉ’s Saorview Wholesale Access Reference Offer (Appendix B)

For information on Saorview, click here. For the full Saorview Channel Line-Up Policy, click here. and for the Schedule, click here. For information on 2rn, click here.

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