Audience Council

What is the RTÉ Audience Council?

The RTÉ Audience Council is a requirement of the Broadcasting Act 2009.

Good communications between the audience and the broadcaster are vital for the ongoing development of a truly relevant service. RTÉ is committed to being open to its audience, welcoming all contact, listening to all views, and responding promptly and appropriately.

The RTÉ Audience Council is a 15 member voluntary committee that advises the RTÉ Board on specific issues relating to RTÉ’s public service remit and audience needs.  The committee is appointed by the RTÉ Board, which has also appointed Fionnuala Sheehan as its representative on the Council.

The Audience Council facilitates communication between RTÉ and its audience and enhances accountability,

Selecting the Audience Council 

RTÉ invites members of the public on and RTÉ radio channels to submit expressions of interest for the operation of the RTÉ Audience Council. Additional nominations come directly from RTÉ Board members.

The Audience Council is as follows:


Susan Ahern


  1. Genevieve Lynch
  2. Arthur Banaszkiewicz
  3. Carmel McCrea
  4. Abidemi Taiwo
  5. Ciara Wilson
  6. Jacintha McGowan Nielsen
  7. Kieran O’Donovan
  8. Eamonn Grennan
  9. Robbie Sinnott
  10. Micheal Kilcrann