Public Service Statement

The Broadcasting Act 2009 (the Act) sets out three related reporting requirements for RTÉ, which are:

1. A Public Service Statement – following a public consultation, RTÉ must prepare a Public Service Statement setting out the principles to be observed and activities to be undertaken by RTÉ to fulfil its public service objects.

RTÉ’s updated guiding principles are as follows:

•     Independence: we are independent from political, commercial, and other influences
•     Public interest: we act in the best interest of society
•     Creativity: we foster and support creative ambition
•     Accountability: we are accountable to the public and stakeholders
•     Universality: we are for everyone and available to everyone
•     Diversity: we aim to promote Ireland’s diversity and culture
•     Excellence: we strive for excellence in everything we do
•     Innovation: we support innovation and creativity in Irish media

To view RTÉ’s latest public service statement in English click here or in Irish click here.

2. A Statement of Strategy – RTÉ must prepare and present to the Minister a Statement of Strategy. This sets out the strategy of the RTÉ Board for achieving its objects under the Act, having regard to resources available to RTÉ.

3. Annual Statements of Performance Commitments (commitments) – RTÉ must, by end January every year, prepare its commitments. The commitments must be aligned with RTÉ’s objects, its Statement of Strategy and its Public Service Statement. RTÉ’s commitments comprise the activities RTÉ will undertake in that year and the associated performance indicators. RTÉ publishes its fulfilment or otherwise of its commitment each year in its Annual Report.