RTÉ as an Employer

RTÉ aims to provide both a challenging and rewarding career for existing and future staff.

RTÉ recognises and rewards the contribution of all staff. Where possible we provide fulfilling roles and opportunities for staff to progress and realise their potential and continuously work to creaste an environment where staff are committed to and capable of achieving job satisfaction while delivering business goals.RTÉ aims to be a good and supportive employer by providing a comprehensive package of benefits which are designed to provide a high degree of protection for staff throughout their working life with RTÉ and to assist in balancing the demands of work and personal life.

Benefits Include

  • On-site professional childcare facilities
  • Group life and salary protection schemes
  • Defined Contribution Pension Scheme\PRSA Scheme
  • RTÉ Credit Union on-site
  • Availability of membership to RTÉ Sports & Social Club, including on-site gymnasium, squash courts and fitness classes
  • Educational Support Scheme
  • Enhanced annual leave benefit
  • Staff support services
  • Bus/Rail Tax Saver Scheme

Training and Development

We recognise that training and development is essential for all our staff – to support them in their roles, to meet team goals and to meet the objectives of RTÉ.

We fully support the training and development of our staff through:

  • Providing resources in terms of finance, time and opportunity to ensure that all staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their jobs and to make sure that this is done on a basis that is fair to all
  • Actively encouraging all managers and supervisors to engage with staff in identifying training needs and ensuring that mangers and supervisors have the skills to assess and implement appropriate training solutions in the workplace
  • Encouraging and supporting staff to take an active part in their own development and in improving their skills and knowledge over and above their roles.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

RTÉ is an equal opportunities employer. We endeavour to handle all relationships with staff, and potential staff, with understanding, courtesy and respect, recognising the individuality and dignity of each person.

Our success depends on people. We recognise that we are a community of individuals with our own backgrounds and beliefs. Everyone working in RTÉ brings his or her own distinctive experiences, skills and talents to the Organisation. We value the uniqueness of individuals and embrace their different perspectives and experiences, recognising that this is what enhances the way we do business.

We endeavour to create an environment, representative of and responsive to different cultures and groups, where everyone has an equal chance to realise their full potential.

We, both as an employer and broadcaster, promote equality in valuing the contribution of all people. As an employer, we recognise that encouragement of diversity and provision of equality of opportunity are essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of our work and to good relations among staff. We recognise that our workforce should reflect the diversity of our society.

In implementing a diversity programme we work to ensure best practice in work/personal life balance. We acknowledge the growing social concern of staff to achieve a balance between paid work and the demands of personal life. We implement a range of practices that help people to combine and manage their working lives with responsibilities and interests outside the workplace.

RTÉ’s Values

RTÉ’s Values shape the way we do business, contributing to our success and informing our choices and actions.

RTÉ employs a wide variety of professional and highly-skilled people – for example, we employ the greatest number of musicians, journalists and producers in Ireland. The combination of committed and creative in-house staff in all aspects of output and a burgeoning independent production sector leave RTÉ strongly positioned to face the many challenges of the ever-changing media landscape. This creative focus is very ably supported by an array of equally committed backroom staff in Administration, Communications, Legal Services, Finance, Property & Services, HR and Technology.

Our Values lay out the qualities that we aspire to for all our staff and for the Organisation. They help form our culture and make us a unique Organisation. The Values describe clearly what all of us can and must do. The Values should inform our choices and actions. The Values are to:

  • Operate in the public interest, providing news and current affairs that is fair and impartial, accurate and challenging
  • Connect with our audiences by understanding and satisfying their needs
  • Deliver a value for money service
  • Be creative in everything we do
  • Be honest and transparent in all our activities
  • Take personal responsibility for pursuing the Organisation’s goals
  • Be responsible to our staff and consider everyone as an individual
  • Optimise the performance of each person, department, division and the Organisation by working together
  • Respect each other and our diversity
  • Take pride in everything we do, everything we are and everything we create.

We believe these Values leverage our history and heritage, distinguish us from our competitors and build on our unique skills.