Mission and Values


RTÉ’s Mission

To enrich Irish life with content that challenges, educates and entertains.

RTÉ’s Values

As an organisation and individually, RTÉ will be outward looking, creative, respectful, sustainable and accountable, collaborative and transparent. It will also demonstrate the following behaviours:

Have a deep understanding of its audience and their needs.Invest time and energy in monitoring changes in the media landscape.
Creative Be resourceful and innovative in how it makes its content.


Be brave – take risks and be willing to learn from failures.

Respectful Treat people, including staff and partners, with respect, even when it challenges.


Nurture trust by being fair and open about the decisions it makes.

Sustainable &
Manage its business in a responsible manner.


Be accountable to each other within RTÉ and to audience and stakeholders.

Collaborative Work together, bringing the ‘One RTÉ’ organisation to life.


Join forces with partners to meet the needs of RTÉ’s audience.

Transparent Make decisions openly.


Be upfront about the reasons for the actions taken.

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