RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Impact Report 2022

Inspired by children, the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal works to bring the magic of The Late Late Toy Show to every child in Ireland. By funding essential support, health, well-being, play and creativity, we aim to change children’s lives for good.

In its first three years, the public have donated over €17.5m to help children who need some level of extra help.  It is estimated that over 1.2 million children and family members were helped each year since The RTÉ Toy Show Appeal began.  Thousands of individual donations have helped to change the lives of children in every county in Ireland.  

The monies raised were made available as grants to registered charities who work to improve children’s lives by an open application process, managed on behalf of RTÉ by Community Foundation Ireland.

Thanks to the generosity of our audiences last November, the Appeal has been able to give grant support to an incredible range of projects; specialist equipment for children with disabilities; additional supports for children in hospital; food and nourishment to children at risk of food poverty; and joy and play through festivals and playgroups. 

Read about how the funds have been allocated in the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Impact Report 2022.

Grant Thornton Reports

To view the Grant Thornton Report to the RTÉ Audit and Risk Committee (published 27th June 2023), also referred to as Grant Thornton I, click here.

To view the second report by Grant Thornton, commissioned by the Audit and Risk Committee to examine issues surrounding the public disclosure of earnings by Mr. Ryan Tubridy (published 16th August 2023), also referred to as Grant Thornton II, click here.

RTÉ Gender Pay Gap Report (December 2022)

As we continue to strive to be a more diverse workforce, we welcome the opportunity provided through the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 to publish comprehensive data relating to the gender pay gap in RTÉ. Gender balance within our overall workforce, across roles and output, continues to be a high priority for the organisation and we are committed to being a fair, flexible and inclusive employer that truly reflects the diversity of Ireland today.

Our aim is to lower the gender pay gap we currently have, and we will work to address the challenges in changing our workforce to better reflect gender across all career paths.. And while it is practical for RTÉ to adopt a multi-year approach to addressing the gender pay gap, the actions which we have outlined in this report highlight the extent to which we are committed to addressing the issues and delivering change.

You can view RTÉ’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 here.

RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 2021 Impact Report

Inspired by children, through the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal we work to bring the magic of The Late Late Toy Show to every child in Ireland. By funding essential support, health, well-being, play and creativity, we aim to change children’s lives for good. 

The RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 2021 raised over €6.8million in donations to help a diverse range of organisations who work to improve children’s lives, across the island of Ireland. Following the hugely successful grant awards in 2021, RTÉ worked collaboratively with The Community Foundation for Ireland to identify ways in which the funds raised could have even greater impact in 2022.

1.1 children and their families will benefit, through 154 charities across the whole Island of Ireland.

Read the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 2021 Report here

Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill 2022 (OSMR)

Submission on behalf of the RTÉ Election Steering Group
The RTÉ Election Steering Group comprises senior editorial management across RTÉ output under the Chair of the Director General. This Group oversees and manages RTÉ coverage plans at elections to ensure compliance with our statutory and regulatory obligations.

The Election Steering Group has been examining Section 46 M (4) of the OSMR Bill, specifically the wording “party political programmes” which replaces the current wording “party political broadcasts” in the Broadcasting Act 2009.

Read the submission on behalf of the RTÉ Election Steering Group here

Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI)

RTÉ News has stepped up its commitment to trusted journalism and has become the first Irish media organisation to sign up to the global Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI). 

The Journalism Trust Initiative was developed by Reporters Without Borders, supported by the European Broadcasting Union, and in collaboration with over 130 organizations and individuals representing the media industry, academia, regulatory and self-regulatory bodies, technology companies and the media development sector. It has been formally adopted by the National Standards Authority of Ireland. It aims to promote trustworthy journalism and news sources and help in the battle against disinformation. 

Jon Williams, Director of RTÉ News & Current Affairs explains: “The Journalism Trust Initiative aims to make it easier for audiences to identify trustworthy journalism by creating a common set of standards for news organisations around trust and transparency. A benchmark of quality and independence, awarded by independent auditors. In the same way that when you see the Q Mark Irish flag on a product, you know it’s been produced in Ireland, the JTI standard means you know you can trust a news organisation’s journalism.”

The Journalism Trust Initiative consists of three-stages; first the media outlet is invited to complete a self-assessment, which involves an internal check of conformity with JTI Standard. Next, the results of this self-assessment may be voluntarily disclosed to the public and published by the media outlet as a Trust Report. The final stage of the process is an external audit involving an independent evaluation by a licensed Certification Body. The media outlet will be certified and awarded a Journalism Trust Initiative Mark following the successful completion of all three stages.

You can view the RTÉ News Trust Report here.

Or you can view the RTÉ News Trust Report as a PDF here.

Information on the Journalism Trust Initiative is available here.

RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Impact Report 

Inspired by children, through the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal we work to bring the magic of The Late Late Toy Show to every child in Ireland. By funding essential support, health, well-being, play and creativity, we aim to change children’s lives for good. Read our RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Impact Report here.

RTÉ Strategy 2024

Following the announcement of RTÉ’s revised strategy, RTÉ has published its revised strategy document.  To view, click here.

Statement of Performance Commitments 2022

The Broadcasting Act 2009 (the Act) introduced new reporting requirements on RTÉ, one of which is as follows:

RTÉ shall, by 31 January in each year, prepare an annual statement of performance commitments, in accordance with (a) its objects, (b) the Statement of Strategy,(c) the Public Service Statement and including the activities to which the corporation intends to commit in that financial year and associated performance indicators. RTÉ will report each year in its Annual Report on the fulfilment or otherwise of the commitments made in its Annual Statement of Performance Commitments.

See below for RTÉ’s latest Annual Statement of Performance Commitments:

Annual Statement of Performance Commitments (2022).

Gealltanais Feidhmíochta (2022).

RTÉ Strategy 2018 – 2022

This strategy sets RTÉ on a sustainable path where public service media (PSM) will be re-imagined for a new generation. It aims to connect with and engages everyone, wherever they are. On that path, RTÉ will continue to deliver high-quality, distinctive Irish content across its traditional channels and services, while it grows and experiments in the digital space. In an increasingly global and more competitive market, RTÉ will put audiences at the centre of its thinking and will adapt to remain relevant to all audiences.

To view RTÉ’s Strategy (2018 – 2022), Renewing RTÉ for the next generation click here.

‘Ensuring a sustainable future for RTÉ’s orchestras’

In April 2018 RTÉ published a report following an independent review of its provision of orchestral services. The independent report, entitled ’Ensuring a sustainable future for RTÉ’s orchestras’ was carried out by former Director of BBC Radio and of BBC News, Helen Boaden, with the support of strategy consulting firm, Mediatique.

This extensive and in-depth independent review looked at the best way of providing high-quality and sustainable orchestral services to the Irish public, and covered both the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra (RTÉ NSO) and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra (RTÉ CO).

To view the report, click here.

Language Scheme for RTÉ

This Language Scheme is prepared under Section 11 of Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla, 2003 (the Official Languages Act 2003, hereafter the Act). This Act is the first piece of legislation to provide a statutory framework for the delivery of services through the Irish Language.

To view the Language Scheme for RTÉ click here.

The Media Landscape in Ireland

Media consumers are faced with an unprecedented choice of content, platforms and devices. This is creating a new, radically different and dynamic landscape. Public media is evolving to engage audiences with the type of content they want, in the way they want it.

To view The Media Landscape in Ireland report, click here.

Meáin Ghaeilge RTÉ – Action Plan 2015 – 2019

The Irish language is many things in Ireland. It is the living community language of the Gaeltacht. It is the language of the schoolyard in hundreds of Gaelscoileanna around the country. It is something to be spoken while abroad in order to define one’s identity. For some, it’s a source of resentment. For others, it is nothing beyond italics on signposts.

To view the Meáin Ghaeilge RTÉ, click here.

Championing Us: Arts and Culture on RTÉ

Take a look at our detailed overview of recent arts and cultural content across RTÉ, click here.