Greener Screens …

It’s over a year since RTÉ announced its ban on single-use plastics in our canteen facilities, but the focus on sustainability continues.

Earlier this month RTÉ donated the living trees from its stunning stage set at the All Together Now festival to the Curraghmore House Estate in Waterford.

And last week, RTÉ announced the first ever Youth Assembly as part of a forthcoming RTÉ On Climate season.

With all that in mind, we’re taking a look at some of the other sustainability initiatives launched by RTÉ.

The Campus is Buzzing.

RTÉ, in partnership with the all-Ireland Pollinator Plan, is contributing to a national programme to reverse pollinator decline in Ireland and restore healthy pollinator populations. Pollinators ultimately contribute to our economy, health and well-being. We’re reducing the frequency of mowing, and introducing wild pollinator nesting habitats, as well as ground nesting habitats for the common mining bee.

Solar, So Good.

RTÉ installed a solar panel system on the roof of one of its main Donnybrook campus buildings in 2015. The photovoltaic system, or solar power system, has generated 60 MWh of renewable electricity, equivalent to powering 43 The Late Late Shows. The system has offset the equivalent of 41.4 tons of carbon.

Down time.

Improving energy performance is key – this week a new system will place all RTÉ desktop monitors into shut-down mode after a five minute period of screensaver display. This reduces electricity consumption, increases the life cycle of monitors, and reduces cooling loads by limiting generated heat.

Getting real.

RTÉ recently formed a new sustainability division. Sustainability and Environment Services is headed up by Eileen Duggan, who has a distinguished record of furthering RTÉ’s achievements in sustainability. Eileen chairs RTÉ’s Green Broadcaster Advisory Group.

Did you know ..?

  • In 2017, RTÉ was the Overall Winner in the Pakman Awards for Excellence in Sustainability
  • RTÉ is one of the leading public bodies in meeting energy reduction targets as set by SEAI
  • RTÉ has signed up to Business in The Community’s ‘Low Carbon Pledge’ (
  • RTÉ is a leader on Project Albert, a collaborative BAFTA, independent producer and broadcaster-backed project that aims to ensure screen content is made in a way that benefits the planet
  • RTÉ is currently sending no waste to landfill; approximately 80% of our waste is being recycled, and the balance being recovered.

Response to Government Announcement on Reform of TV Licence System

The Government has announced a series of reforms to the TV Licence system, including the tendering of collection services.

The Government has also confirmed the replacement of the traditional TV licence fee with a new “device independent broadcasting charge” after the new tendered contract expires in five years time.

RTÉ has responded to the announcement.

“RTÉ has been making the case for reform of the TV Licence system for many years, and it has been made in numerous independent reviews. While this decision by Government to tender for collection services is welcome, nonetheless the decision to defer implementation of a revised media charge system means that the crisis in the funding of public service media will continue.

Latest evasion levels are 13%, significantly higher than in the UK and other European countries. The fact is that the number of homes that do not have a traditional television set – but who are nonetheless consuming public service content – is increasing rapidly and the current television licence fee mechanism reflects less and less how people consume public-service content. When added to the evasion rate, currently close to 25% of homes are now not paying the TV Licence due to an outdated and inefficient system. This is resulting in tens of millions in lost funding for public media and the broader sector each year.

The BAI has recommended an immediate increase in funding of €30m to RTÉ so that we can maintain public services and continue to support the Irish audio visual sector. While the measures announced today may improve collection performance in the medium term they do not address this immediate structural funding challenge and in reality could make it more difficult.

TV Licence payers want RTÉ to do more, and they deserve more. With reform now pushed out further, RTÉ’s capacity to deliver against its existing remit is severely compromised.”

Listen to Director-General Dee Forbes on RTÉ Radio 1’s News at One.


Minister Bruton Publishes Broadcasting Bill

Local community radio and independent broadcasters supported

Changes to be made to the collection of the T.V. licence fee

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton T.D. today published the Broadcasting Bill which includes a number of measures to support local community radio, reducing the levies placed on independent broadcasters. The Minister today also announced changes to how the T.V. licence fee will be collected now and into the future and a review of the Broadcasting Act.

Minister Bruton said:
“Public service broadcasting is more important now than ever. Independent, objective reporting of domestic and international affairs is crucial.

However, we must recognise that the landscape in which broadcasters operate is undergoing a transformation and that this gives rise to new challenges. Audiences are transitioning away from traditional platforms and are increasingly accessing content online through digital mediums.

“Today, I am publishing the Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill 2019. This Bill will enable the broadcasting levy to be reduced for all broadcasters and for some community broadcasters to be exempted entirely.  It allows for the creation of a new funding scheme that would allow the granting of bursaries to journalists in local or community radio stations. We must support our local community radio stations and independent broadcasters.”

The Minister today also announced that the Government will accept the recommendations of the Working Group on the Future Funding of Public Service Broadcasting and will be putting the collection of the T.V. licence fee out to public tender later this year. This will allow a 5 year contract for the service to be put in place, allowing the successful bidder the opportunity and the incentive to invest in the system of collection.

The Government has also agreed that at the end of the 5 year contract period, the licence fee should be replaced by a device independent broadcasting charge which takes account of technological change and will enable the sustainable funding of public service content in the longer term. It is estimated that 10% of homes access content on alternative devices which do not require a television licence.

Minister Bruton said,

“Most people pay their T.V. licence fee.

However, we still see approximately 12% evasion which we need to address. By tendering for a contract of 5 years, this will allow the awarded body the chance to invest in a robust collection service.

“It is also clear that due to the nature of technological change and the movement towards digital devices, the design of the T.V. licence fee will have to change. This is a fundamental reform that will take time to develop, but it will future proof the funding model, taking account of changes in technology and in how content is now consumed.”

The current provision of free TV licences to those in receipt of the Household Benefits Package will continue. The option of purchasing TV licences at post offices will remain regardless of who the successful awardee of the contract is.

Finally, Minister Bruton is today also announcing a review of the Broadcasting Act, to evaluate the proportion of the T.V. licence revenue which is allocated to the Sound and Vision Scheme which supports the independent sector and native Irish content. The review will also consider the minimum amount of funding that RTE is obliged to spend on commissioning external content. In 2018 this amounted to €39.7m. Increasing this amount would provide an important stimulus to the independent production sector.

Minister Bruton said,

“The objective of this review will be to see how we can best support original Irish content production.”

Two million radio listeners are listening to RTÉ every week

Two million radio listeners are listening to RTÉ every week

The latest JNLR listenership survey has revealed that two million people, 52% of all Adults 15+, are tuning in every week to RTÉ’s radio services.

RTÉ Radio 1 is the only radio station in the country with a weekly reach of over 1 million people, with 1,372,000 tuning in (+3,000 BOB). RTÉ Radio 1 has seen its adult market share increase from 21.8% to 22.1% (+.3pts) due to increases in the 35-54 audience.

RTÉ 2FM has a weekly reach figure of 839,000/22% of Adults 15+ while RTÉ lyric fm has 273,000 listeners on a weekly basis making a slight change in weekday market share, now 1.8% (+.1pts).

RTÉ Radio 1: 

The only Irish Radio Station with a weekly reach of over 1 million
RTÉ Radio 1 increases its market share to 22.1%

Peter Woods, Managing Editor, RTÉ Radio 1 says, “A solid book for RTÉ Radio 1 with our programmes performing well across the board. We’re particularly happy with the gains for Ryan Tubridy and Ray D’Arcy. We’re also very happy to have increased our market share overall, driven by gains in our key demographics. All of this is a tribute to our unparalleled rota of presenters and their hard working teams.”

Morning Ireland increases listenership BOB with 424,000 tuning in each morning.
The Marian Finucane Show broadcasts to 374,000 listeners every Saturday (+45,000 YOY), with 311,000 tuning in on Sunday mornings.
Liveline with Joe Duffy draws 372,000 listeners Monday to Friday; the second most listened to weekday radio programme in Ireland.
The Ryan Tubridy Show has seen an increase of 4,000 listeners in this book bringing his reach to 332,000 (+4,000 BOB and +21,000 YOY).
The Ray D’Arcy Show moves up the Top 20 A15+ table with 223,000 listeners (+3,000 BOB and +4,000 YOY) tuning in weekday afternoons from 3pm.
News at One broadcast to 329,000 listeners every weekday.
Today with Sean O’Rourke has made gains YOY, with 319,000 listeners each weekday morning (+12,000 YOY).
Weeknights from 8pm see 48,000 people tuning in to The John Creedon Show (+7,000 YOY).
Countrywide makes gains of 4,000 listeners BOB with 189,000 people waking up on Saturday mornings to Damien O’Reilly.
Saturday nights on RTÉ Radio 1 shows increases for Céilí House, gaining 4,000 BOB and 2,000 YOY with 21,000 listeners.

RTÉ 2fm has a weekly reach figure of 839,000/22% of adults 15+

RTÉ 2fm time blocks are not comparable Book on Book and Year on Year due to recent schedule change.
Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ Radio Strategy and RTÉ 2FM says, “2FM has experienced a minor change in our JNLR following the recent schedule change. This listenership survey, which measures the 12 months to June 2019, only captures 4 weeks of the new schedule so we will have to wait until later in the year to have a view of how it is performing and it will be this time next year when we have a full 12 month picture.

We are very pleased with how everything sounds on the new schedule. We knew for certain what Tracy Clifford (1pm to 3pm) and Jenny Grenne (3pm to 6pm) would sound like as they are great presenters, both whom have done so well for the station over the past 4 to 5 years.

We also knew that Doireann and Eoghan would create a brilliant show but the speed in which the programme has developed is a huge credit to them and their production team.

Jennifer Zamparelli is creating a new genre of speech radio from 9am and the listener reaction is stunning. New voices are being heard and topics are been explored in a way not heard on Irish radio before.

This is an exciting time for 2FM and we are all working hard to continue to serve young audiences in Ireland in an informative, entertaining and innovative way… and I haven’t even mentioned the amazing music played each day with Irish artists front and centre!”

RTÉ lyric fm 

RTÉ lyric fm has a weekday market share of 1.8% for adults 15+

Aodán O’Dubhghaill, Head of RTÉ lyric fm says: “The listening figures in this book for RTÉ lyric fm confirms the place that quality classical music has for audiences on the island of Ireland. As we celebrate 20 years on air, we at RTÉ lyric fm are honoured to be the broadcast custodians of that important music tradition”.

Movies and Musicals presented by Aedín Gormley reaches 45,000 adults 15+ (Saturday) (+6,000 YOY and +2,000 BOB)
Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive reaches 44,000 adults 15+ (+5,000 BOB)
Marty in the Morning programme reaches 40,000 adults 15+
The Full Score with Liz Nolan reaches 37,000 adults 15+ (+1,000 YOY and +3,000 BOB)
Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime reaches 29,000 adults 15+ (+1,000 YOY and +2,000 BOB)
The Mystery Train with John Kelly reaches 20,000 adults 15+ (+1,000 BOB)

RTÉ at All Together Now Festival

The Now by RTÉ Stage will feature Live Music & Performance | Spoken Word | Panel Discussions | Audio Cinema | Mick Flannery | Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls) | Colm Mac An Iomaire | Chris Watson (David Attenborough) | Women Pipers (Mná na bPíobaí) | RTÉ Radio 1 Documentary on One Audio Cinema | Headfoot featuring Colm Ó Cíosóig (My Bloody Valentine) | Beo ar Éigean | Mystery Train Live with John Kelly | Lux Alma I RTÉ Radio 1 Arena with Seán Rocks | Moe Dunford | Mod Set with Jacqui Carroll | Natalya O’Flaherty and much more

Plus RTÉ Concert Orchestra with guests (Glen Hansard, Saint Sister, Phelim Drew and more) play the music of Leonard Cohen

RTÉ has curated a special two-day programme for this year’s All Together Now Festival in Waterford, celebrating Irish culture and creativity. The ‘Now by RTÉ’ stage will be part of the All Curious Minds area, and will run Saturday and Sunday across the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The ‘Now by RTÉ’ stage will be located on the lawns of the Curraghmore Estate and will feature a wide variety of quality performances, panel discussions and interviews, curated especially for visitors to All Together Now.

Highlights from the weekend will be recorded for broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 and for streaming on the RTÉ Player. Here are 14 things to look forward to from RTÉ (Full schedule below):

A live performance from musician and composer, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, fresh from a sell-out Vicar Street show and the release of his celebrated new album.
Chris Watson, wildlife sound artist specialising in natural history, and life-long collaborator with David Attenborough, brings the audience on a very special underwater audio journey; followed by Q&A with Ella McSweeney
Mick Flannery performs songs from his new No.1 album as part of Simply Folk, presented by Ruth Smith. Also with Steo Wall, Niamh Farrell & Dónal Clancy.
Special Performance from Headfoot – Colm Ó Cíosóig (My Bloody Valentine). Rosie O’Reilly (We Are Islanders) and Barry Ryan (Loafing Heroes).
Live music from award-winning sound designer and RIOT performer, Alma Kelliher, performing as electro-folk solo artist, Lux Alma
Arena live discussion, hosted by Seán Rocks, with Irish actors Moe Dunford (Rosie), Jordanne Jones (Metal Heart), Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls) and Chris Walley & Alex Murphy (The Young Offenders)
Mystery Train live with John Kelly featuring special guests including Junior Brother.
Spoken word performances from Natalya O’Flahery and Sasha Terfous (Waterford)

Beo ar Éigean Podchraoladh é Beo, ar Éigean,ina gcloisimid triúr cairde, Áine, Sinéad, Siún agus aoi spesialta Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh, ag caint ar réimse mór leathan ábhar, ina measc cairdeas, brú an tsaoil, botox, cultúr, náire, grá, gráin agus gáire! This is the first Irish-language podcast of this type from RTÉ, and it’s a bit like tuning in to a good gossip session amongst friends. Podcast Topic: The V word – how do you learn to love your vagina? This is a bilingual event.

Audio cinema featuring documentaries from the award-winning RTÉ Radio 1 Documentary on One team, includingThe Summer of Astral Weeks and Sin é: Jeff Buckley’s Irish Odyssey.
Jacqui Carroll presents a Mod Set, ‘Ready, Steady, Go! Live’, featuring 60s Beats and Grooves, with visuals.
Cohen Heads: Joe Duffy and playwright and novelist, John MacKenna in conversation about Leonard Cohen’s life and music
A rare performance from a Quintet of Women Pipers (Mná na bPíobaí) led by Louise Mulcahy, with archive visuals.

On the Main Stage (Saturday) the RTÉ Concert Orchestra will play the music of Leonard Cohen in the company of special guests which include Glen Hansard, Saint Sister, Phelim Drew and Javier Mas, Leonard Cohen’s classical guitarist.
And in the All Curious Minds Here tent on Saturday, RTÉ’s Ray D’Arcy will host a The Young Offenders panel discussion with actors, Chris Walley and Alex Murphy and music from The Frank and Walters

*The Arena live panel discussion with Irish actors will be broadcast at 7pm on RTÉ Radio 1 on August Bank Holiday Monday. Highlights from RTÉ at All Together Now will also be streamed on the RTÉ Player from Wednesday 7th August. Full Festival Highlights will be available on on the Saturday and Sunday of the festival.

The ‘Now by RTÉ’ stage is located in the All Curious Minds area, next to the All Curious Minds Here stage on the beautiful lawns of Curraghmore House.

Consistent with the festival’s focus on sustainability and with RTE’s own commitment to being a sustainable organisation, RTÉ will replant the trees which feature as part of the set design on the grounds of Curraghmore House estate after the festival.

For more:

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See for full the report.

RTÉ is today releasing its Annual Report and Group Consolidated Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31st December 2018.

In a challenging year, with a modest increase in total revenue, together with a reduction in operating costs, RTÉ returned higher EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation) of €6.5 million compared to 2017. The cost of special events in 2018, including the Papal Visit, Presidential Election and coverage of FIFA World Cup amounted to €7.2 million, which, when combined with depreciation, tax and other charges, results in an overall Net Deficit for the year of €13 million.

The Annual Report also highlights RTÉ’s many achievements in 2018, including:

· RTÉ had 39 of the top 50 most-watched television programmes in 2018 (TAM Ireland)

· 81% of Irish adults continued to consider RTÉ to be an important part of Irish life

· More than 1,500,000 viewers tuned into the The Late Late Toy Show

· RTÉ.ie recorded 61.8 million monthly average page views

· RTÉ said goodbye to single use plastics in 2018

· RTÉ supported over 130 regional cultural events in 2018

· RTÉ’s orchestras saw attendances rise by 56%, up 79,000

· Over 1,000,000 people tuned into RTÉ Radio 1 each week

· RTÉ launched a new Diversity and Inclusion initiative in 2018

· RTÉ 2fm was the largest national station for 15-34 years olds

Dee Forbes, Director-General RTÉ, said: “Despite significant challenges last year, RTÉ continued to deliver on our commitment to captivate Irish audiences across our news and current affairs, sport, factual and entertainment content. From our in-depth coverage of Brexit to our round-the-clock output on Storm Emma, which kept the nation fully informed, and from special shared moments, such as the GAA Championship to another outstanding  Late Late Toy Show, there is much that we can be proud of.”

She continued: “We want to do more. We are full of programme ideas, but every day we have to curtail our own ambitions and the creative ambitions of the broader independent production sector due to our constrained resources. TV Licence payers want us to do more and deserve more from us. However, it will not be possible for RTÉ to maintain and enhance what we do and fulfill our remit without action from Government and a solution to the funding of public service media in Ireland.

The case for increased public funding for RTÉ has been made in numerous independent reports over the past five years, including the most recent BAI review conducted in 2018 which recommended an immediate increase in annual public funding of €30 million for RTÉ. The case for reform of the TV Licence system has also been made in numerous reviews, however, to date, there has been no substantial response from Government.” 

Moya Doherty, Chair of the RTÉ Board, commented: “The Annual Report for 2018 proves that the viewing and listening public still value public service media and the programming and content it provides. As each year passes, the pressures and demands on public service media increase. The second phase of technological shift is upon us with the rapid emergence of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence – all curating and shaping our media experience. If public service media is to continue to thrive it will have to adapt and do so quickly, while remaining firmly rooted in the enduring values that remain more vital than ever.

“While much of RTÉ’s future is in its own hands, ensuring RTÉ is put on a sustainable financial footing should be a shared priority, reflective of how RTÉ was established and is funded.  It is vital that government, financially and politically, underpins the work of RTÉ, through much needed reforms of the public funding system. The Board has worked to raise public awareness of these issues and commends the Executive for their ongoing success in difficult circumstances. Despite the uncertain political situation across Europe, the Board remains convinced that a willingness to rethink the public service media landscape will position RTÉ at the forefront of the new public service movement across Europe.”

See for more and to download the full report.


Neil O’Gorman, Corporate Communications Manager, RTÉ, I M: 087 2077192

Joseph Hoban, Head of Communications and Corporate Engagement, RTÉ, I M: 086 8128662

RTÉ announces proud support of Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival

RTÉ has today announced its proud support of the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival which takes place from Thursday 20th – Sunday 30th June.

As media partner, RTÉ’s support of the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival is in line with our vision to champion Irish culture by captivating audiences and celebrating Ireland’s rich diversity and with our renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion through the publication of a Diversity & Inclusion Charter in 2018.

As a proud supporter of the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, RTÉ will:

· Celebrate the Festival with a high profile marketing campaign across radio, television, social and online from Friday 7th June; the campaign will run over two phases as we build up to the Dublin Pride Parade on Saturday, 29th June;

· Produce a schedule of Pride-themed content across our television, radio and online services; full details to be announced;

· March in the Dublin Pride Parade with colleagues across RTÉ, including members of RTÉ’s new Pride employee group, partners and friends.

Commenting on the announcement, RTÉ Director-General, Dee Forbes said; “As Ireland’s national public media organisation with a unique place in Ireland’s media and cultural landscape, we are proud to promote our vision to celebrate Ireland’s rich diversity by supporting the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival. We hope our campaign to promote the festival will connect with people, both across the country and throughout RTÉ, and raise greater awareness of this important celebration of Ireland’s LGBTQ+ community.”

RTÉ continues to promote attendance at grassroots cultural festival throughout the country through the very successful RTÉ Supporting the Arts scheme, by providing valuable broadcast airtime and social media support. In 2018. RTÉ supported over 130 events across the country, with almost €1m of airtime across TV, radio, online and social platforms elevating these events to a national stage.

In addition, this year RTÉ was a strong supporter of a range of major events, with on-site broadcast and support activation at BT Young Scientist, Schools Digital Champions, Coder Dojo, RTÉ All Ireland Drama Festival, Bloom, Junior Entrepreneur, Mojofest in association with RTÉ, International Women’s Day, and 20×20. Later this year RTÉ will join forces with Fleadh 2019 as official media partner.

Stay up to date with RTÉ’s support of the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival on Twitter (@rte), Facebook and Instagram (@explorerte) using #RTEPride.

For more on the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, visit:

Join us at RTÉ live at Bloom 2019

Five days of live television, radio, weather bulletins, panels & music from RTÉ

· RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ lyric fm and RTÉjr all live from our set

· Join Marty Whelan, Ray D’Arcy, Joe Duffy, Miriam O’Callaghan and more

· Live RTÉ Weather bulletins, panel discussions and live entertainment

· Live performances from the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet

· Aine Lawlor and Marty Morrissey present Bloom Live on RTÉ One

· Super Garden Finale on RTÉ One (Thursday)

RTÉ returns to Bloom over June Bank Holiday Weekend with an action-packed schedule of live broadcasts and events over five full days from a specially constructed set at the heart of it all in Dublin’s Phoenix Park.

From live television to live radio, from live music with the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet to live RTÉ Weather reports and from lively panel discussions to children’s entertainment, RTÉ will present a full schedule of activities for all ages, from Thursday 30th May – Monday 3rd June.

From the minute Marty Whelan kick offs RTÉ’s live coverage on Thursday morning with the first of RTÉ lyric fm’s live broadcasts from Bloom with Marty in the Morning at 10.00am until the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet play their last note of their six live performances at 5.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday, the RTÉ set will be the place to be.

Here’s the full schedule from RTÉ at Bloom 2019, from start to finish*:

Thursday 31st May

10:00   RTÉ lyric fm’s Marty in the Morning, live until 12noon

13:15   RTÉ Guide Panel: Donal O’Donoghue chats to best-selling author, Sinead Moriarty

13:24   RTÉ Lunchtime Weather live at Bloom on RTÉ One (Audrey McGrath)

15.00   The Ray D’Arcy Show LIVE on RTÉ Radio 1

16:35   RTÉ Weather live at Bloom on RTÉ One (Joanna Donnelly)

17:10   Bloom in the Afternoon, live on RTÉ One

18:55   RTÉ Weather live at Bloom, Six One news on RTÉ One (Joanna Donnelly)

19:00   Super Garden Finale, live on RTÉ One

20:30   Bloom Live with Áine and Marty on RTÉ One

Friday 1st June

09:30   Live music from the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet, until 11.30

11:40   RTÉ Weather live at Bloom on RTÉ One (Nuala Carey)

13.24   RTÉ Lunchtime Weather live at Bloom on RTÉ One (Nuala Carey)

13:45   Liveline’s Funny Friday, live from Bloom on RTÉ Radio 1

15:30   Live music from the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet, until 17.30

16:35   RTÉ Weather live at Bloom on RTÉ One (Siobhán Ryan)

18:55   RTÉ Weather live at Bloom, Six One news on RTÉ One (Siobhán Ryan)

Saturday 2nd June

08:00   CountryWide live on RTÉ Radio 1

10.00   The Business live on RTÉ Radio 1

11:15   The Hamilton Scores live on RTÉ lyricfm

14:00   Let’s Find Out – Fun Science for children with RTÉjr’s Mark Langtry

15:45   Panel:  In conversation with the RTÉ One Super Garden Judges

Sunday 3rd June

10:00   RTÉ Radio1 – Miriam O’Callaghan live on RTÉ Radio 1

12:00   Live music with the RTÉ Lyric fm Quartet (until 14.00)

14:00   Music and fun with Clara and John from RTÉjr

16:00   Live music performance

Monday 4th June

09:30   Live music with the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet (until 10.30)

11:00   The Sunday Game 40th Anniversary Special with Joanne Cantwell & Friends

12:00   Live music with the RTÉ Lyric fm Quartet Acoustic on the lawn

13:00   The Full Score with Liz Nolan live on RTÉ lyric fm

16:15   Afternoon recitals with the RTÉ lyric fm Quartet (until 17.00)

*Schedule may be subject to change

Stay up to date with all things RTÉ at Bloom, including our live coverage on Twitter (@rte), Facebook and Instagram (@explorerte) using #RTEBloom.

For more on Bloom, visit:

Note: The RTÉ Set is located in the Outdoor Retail area, next to the Walled Garden.

2FM celebrates 40 years of Larry Gogan as he moves to RTÉ Gold

2FM stalwart, Larry Gogan will be leaving the station after 40 years.

“I have loved all my time on 2FM and would like to thank all the amazing support from all my listeners, great colleagues and all the fantastic Irish and International artists I have been privileged to support and be a part of their success. I am thrilled to be moving over to RTÉ Gold full time and being part of that exciting new digital world.” – Larry Gogan

2FM stalwart, Larry Gogan will be leaving the station after 40 years and will now present on RTÉ’s digital station, RTÉ Gold. Larry will present his last programme on 2FM on Thursday 31st January 2019 as part of a day of special events celebrating the DJ.

Larry Gogan presented the Golden Hour and was known as the DJ with the Golden Voice. He began presenting shows on RTÉ Radio in the 1960’s, working primarily on pop music programmes and he was in the original line up for Radio 2 in 1979. But he will best be remembered on 2FM for The Golden Hour and ‘Just a Minute’ quiz.

Even if the contestant got the answer wrong the man behind the mic was always kind and is best known for simply saying ‘they didn’t suit you’.

Larry was the voice of the ‘National Chart Show’ counting down Ireland’s top 40 hits each week and announcing the new number one.

Larry Gogan is known as a gentleman in the broadcasting world and praised for the support he has given Irish artists. He has won a number of awards for his contribution to Irish music including a Meteor Award and is a member of the IMRO radio awards hall of fame.

On successive occasions he was voted Top DJ in one poll or another. In 2008 The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) presented the DJ with the IRMA Honours Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Irish music over the last forty years. Broadcaster Terry Wogan presented Gogan the award. In 2005 he won the Trax Top Presenter Award, the IRMA Honour and the Meteor Industry Award in 2007. RTÉ have also rewarded him by naming a 2FM studio after him.

Larry will continue to present the ‘Golden Hour’ on RTÉ Gold weekdays at 1pm.

Dan Healy said, “There have been huge names associated with 2FM such as Gerry Ryan, Dave Fanning, Ian Dempsey, and of course Larry Gogan. Larry and these other great broadcasters were the foundation on which 2FM was built and paved the way for the other music driven stations in Ireland. Larry’s love of music and radio has made him the greatest music DJ in Irish broadcasting history. No matter what time of day, whether it was weekday or weekend’s – audiences always followed Larry. The best thing any aspiring music presenter can do is to listen to Larry broadcasting. That gorgeous voice is his, not much you can do about that, but listen to the crisp tight warm links and how he only ever talks about the music.That is how to do it. Larry won all the major radio awards in Ireland including the highest accolade The Radio Outstanding Achievement award in 2012. 2FM owe Larry a great deal and I am proud and grateful as are all my colleagues at 2FM that we can claim that we worked with Larry Gogan. We had Gogan, the UK had Wogan. The greatest of them all is Larry Gogan and we look forward to continuing to listen to him on RTÉ Gold.”

Dee Forbes said: “Larry Gogan is a living legend, a true household name, and a genuine national institution. His legacy transcends generations – he is remembered as the first man to spin a disc on Radio 2; others will fondly mention him in connection with a hilarious moment on the Just a Minute Quiz; others still will know him as the man who starts Christmas with a song – and that, by the way, is a tradition I’m sure Larry will continue on RTÉ Gold. As one disc ends, another begins: thank you for the music Larry, the music you launched to millions on 2FM, and the music yet to come on RTÉ Gold.”

Jim Jennings said,”What an achievement to present on a station for 40 years. It’s unlikely to be done again in our lifetime. I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that Larry Gogan is simply the best in the business. He will always be remembered on 2FM for his great voice and kind nature to the listeners. He advocated Irish artists and Irish music throughout his career and is well respected in the music industry as a result. 2FM was very lucky to have him for so long and now he will continue to play the hits along with favourites like the the Golden Hour and Just a minute Quiz on RTÉ Gold.”

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