RTÉ Board

On 4th November 2014 Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Alex White nominated, Moya Doherty as Chair to serve alongside four newly appointed Ministerial nominees; Frank Hannigan, Deborah Kelleher, PJ Mathews, Anne O’Leary.

Mr Fergus Armstrong was also reappointed to the Board. In addition, the recently elected RTÉ staff representative, Mr Robert Shortt, was appointed by Government. RTÉ director-general Dee Forbes is also a member of the Board.

On the 17th of February four board members, nominated by the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport and Communications were appointed; Fionnuala Sheehan, Margaret E Ward, Shane Naughton, Pádraig Ó Céidigh.

Member First Appointed Term-End Date
Moya Doherty* 4/11/2014 6/11/2022
Ian Kehoe 9/10/2018 8/10/2023
Deborah Kelleher* 4/11/2014 6/11/2022
Dee Forbes 11/7/2016 10/7/2023
Frank Hannigan 4/11/2014 3/11/2019
Dr PJ Matthews 4/11/2014 3/11/2019
Anne O’Leary 4/11/2014 3/11/2019
Robert Shortt ** 29/5/2018 3/11/2019
Fionnuala Sheehan 17/2/2015 16/2/2020
Margaret Ward 17/2/2015 16/2/2020
Shane Naughton 17/2/2015 16/2/2020
Eoin McVey 20/12/2016 16/2/2020

*Serving second term as RTÉ Board Member

**RTÉ Staff representative